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28-Jul-2017 23:36

A picture always tells a story and I prefer to tell a story other than just sitting pretty in a cute outfit.Modern fashion brands try to introduce themes into their collections, so my job as a photographer and as a curator of my store’s collection is to interpret these stories visually, within a certain space and with a subject.

Listening to complete Bartok quartets by Emerson String Quartet and Prokofiev’s ” L’amour des Trois oranges’. We are now looking forward to Sophie having to choose an instrument soon—in addition to piano—so maybe we can eventually have a little family trio! Seeing, as a child and in person, and listening to Horowitz’s historic Moscow Conservatory performances. Hearing the last performance by Pavarotti at The Met in Tosca. Learning how to shoot with a rangefinder camera (without auto options) and lastly, reinventing myself professionally—entirely—and achieving success.

Presentation is everything—so merchandising is a must, a certain level of cohesiveness, and the need to carry certain items which I would normally not buy for my curated online selection.

My main principals are: do not force anything and do not actually make it into a job.

I was raised and groomed to be a classical pianist.

I started playing piano at age three, played my first concert at six, and played with an orchestra for the first time at age eight.

If I were to choose four accounts I could not live without it would probably be @smudgetikka for the endless source of discovery of new and amazing things in the kids world, @annelindetempelman for a daily dose of fun, and @littlekidnyc because that kid’s account is like THE GUIDE to what to do in New York City and around town Oh, and @enfantsterriblescollective for exposure to what childhood in Europe looks like.

It pays to be aware of these clashes of culture, not only to head off any potential problems but to celebrate your differences too.… continue reading »

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Kraft has stated that he started the company out of a hunch that the increase in international communications and transportation would lead to an expansion of global trade in the late twentieth century.… continue reading »

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